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My name is Nikita Veselov, I am the Game Director for Maritime Law and today it is my turn for biography article. I remember in my teens I was really struggling with choosing a future profession for myself. I kind of liked maths and physics but not enough to be doing 40 hours a week and being happy at the same time. When I was introduced to the programming, I felt that this is closer, but still not good enough. At the same time I was a passionate gamer, devoting about 20+ hours a week to playing games since I was 13, so I felt like games might be the only thing I will be happy to work at. It ended up with a happy union of the two, so I started planning my education and career path in order to reach this point the fastest and most comfortable way for myself.

The key phase of my life was when I had successfully enrolled to a masters programme in coding and design in the games industry, taught in a quite prestigious university in London. This was a time of exciting ideas, projects and rapid learning when I developed my vision and a confidence that I can make games and they would be great. Most importantly I became familiar with many important approaches in the project management and design, which are in my opinion are the only right way to make games.

For example, the rapid iteration is about not marrying your design, by making small development steps in all areas at the same time, while not overcommitting to any particular part of the game, at the same time critically reviewing every change you make and being prepared to adapt and change the design at any point of time as soon as you feel that the old version would be less enjoyable than the evolved one. Another good example would be to always keep in mind what’s the unique selling proposition of your game and sticking to it through the hurricane of the changes you make in the iterative process. And last by not least is my personal motto, which I guarded in my heart for many years - is to think from player’s perspective, be bold, insightful and most importantly, right. As there is nothing more dangerous for a game designer than to be wrong about his ideas and their appeal for the player.

These are the concepts we follow in the game development in Tiamat Games. Our first game probably won’t be a masterpiece, but it will be a very good, enjoyable and challenging game. Why not a masterpiece you ask? Experience and resources. When you prepare for a fight with a dragon you want to be as prepared as you could, having the best possible equipment in the game, surrounded by a devoted group of allies, but this is rarely how it goes in life. Real life is much more of a story of underdogs striving to succeed against all odds. This is the role we are embracing in order to build this foundation and one day create this masterpiece, and who knows - maybe even as our first game.

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