Founders of Tiamat Games. Konstantin Mikushin

Hello, everyone! Today, I want to tell you a bit about myself as a co-founder of Tiamat Games. It was hard to dare on such a project. The main reason is fear. I have to do something new, that I haven’t done before, and especially it is hard from a business point of view. Most of conventional business experience is useless in the games industry. Before, I have been working in many areas: accounting and audit, housing development, hotel management and some experience in the tourism business. Moreover, I have been doing well both in Europe and Russia. This project is in the games industry which is effectively a combination IT with entertainment area resulting in the development of intangible goods. Therefore, management and work, in this case, is extremely dynamic. So, my work, as a project manager, is to make this project successful and famous. Our team cannot fall behind the fast developing computer industry. Moreover, we want to create something new, that hasn’t existed before and this means we must even outstrip. That is why it is scary. To work not for salary or not in established business lies outside the comfort zone for many people and I am no exception.

However, it is very exciting! I am going through a very creative period of my life when I constantly learn and master new things and concepts. Every day I learn something new when our project raises unexpected questions. Currently, I feel my main task is to build a bridge between our team and the community in order to include you in our development process. Although it may seem like Tiamat Games is quite open for auditory – this may not be enough for success. Therefore, I’ll try to work with you closely, include your opinions, read your comments and answer your questions. I want to arrange work the way our team could concentrate on results while knowing about all your necessary assessments of our progress. After all, any product can be perfected only with the help of many people, with their opinions and remarks. However, it’s important to separate the emotional wave of negativity from constructive feedback, which could help us make Maritime Law better. Only then we might get a chance in achieving success with this project and make it enjoyable for the players. Because in the end, it is all about making a great entertainment for you. No more, no less.

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