Tiamat Games carries on development

Hello, everyone! After the difficult Indiegogo campaign and a lot of administrative work (you also don’t like this, do you?) we finally concentrated on the development process.

We don’t have much to show you exactly now, but the main task for the moment is to make the team management process very exciting. So, we use different ideas from real sailing experience to show the vessel as a live organism. Some of this ideas has been given from you, by the way. Thank you for the interesting points of view.

Anyway, we have a plan to make some videos in January to show how our work has been going on and to explain the main in-game mechanics referred to the ship. Also, we want to make this format main for the explanation of game mechanics. We think it will be more visually interesting. Finally, till the end of the year, you and I will explore the history of the 17th century together in order to go through the main real techniques of the sailing.

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