Ship's hold

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Today we are going to look through ship’s hold. It was a difficult task to maintain it in good condition. Few people loved to clean it, so in the 17th century, most of the ships had poor sanitary conditions. As a result, protecting supplies from the problems was a real issue and a headache for the Captain.

What are the main problems with the ship’s hold? First, the water has been going out of condition very fast. Normally it takes 5-7 days water to sour in wooden barrels. There were a lot of ways to clarify water, but none of those was a long time solution. For example, the main cheap method was to add some rum in water and it helped to decontaminate water for 5-7 more days, but not more. Or to make a simple sand filter, but it it was very difficult in the open sea and still not effective. The second problem was the food supply and absence of vegetables and fruit. Main food on the ship of that time was corned beef, which has been soaking in water and then it was possible to eat it. Anyway, it was an unappetizing meal without vitamins, so here it is the problems with scurvy. Third, a really impressive problem were rats. Little bloody bastards eat everything from food to rigging. Besides this damage, they were the disease spread factor. Sometimes this disaster could start during the night when the sailors were sleeping in the hold, the rats became more aggressive and they occasionally bite people.

These and hundreds of other problems take place in a hold of the ship and many sailors were dying, because captains in the 17th century were not able to solve them. We want to project these difficulties to Maritime Law. Wherefore, we think it is really important for a Captain to watch after the ship.

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