Our game is Maritime Law: Captain's Fortune

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

It’s time we announce our new project: «Maritime Law: Captain's Fortune».

We have been working hard on laying down the fundamental basis of this game since May, 2018 and now we’re ready to start sharing it with you. The first steps are always difficult in any case and our project isn't exception. Long game design discussions, tedious data processing and extensive programming. This and many other complications - is a workday of a game development studio. A part of the game has already been done, but it is still too far from finish...

Maritime Law: Captain's Fortune is a Tactical strategy with RPG elements. First of all, our video game is about navigation. All complications of a naval ship and it's Captain you will feel yourself. Violent storms, hostile ships, treacherous currents and underwater reefs - you better don’t lose focus in the sea! Bad water, poor sanitary conditions and low discipline can turn any trip into hell. But you as a captain can fight these troubles. Your will is a law on the ship. Restore order by throwing the dissatisfied into the sea, stock up with rum and trim your sails to the wind. Your will and your courage would make these troubles go away and you will achieve fame and fortune than you have never dreamed of.

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