Kickstarter results and our plans for the Future!

Hi everyone!🖐

Tiamat Games Team wants to share our optimism with you. We have got positive results in our Kickstarter campaign even though we haven't reached the goal:

- We received a positive reply on the idea and theme of Maritime Law🔥🔥

- We have found out that many people like the game and want to play in it

- We have received enough investments for completing the game

- We have got acquainted with publishers who are ready to help us to promote Maritime Law

- We have gained a lot of experience

Here are our plans for the future:☀️ 1) We develop the version of Maritime Law that you can play (it will be on Steam). It won't be the final version, but it will contain main mechanics of the game

2) We publish major updates and soon we will give dates when Maritime Law will appear on Steam

We wish you a good mood and fair wind😎

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