Devdiary #4 - GUI

Devdiary #4 - GUI

Hello, everyone!This week has been very productive for us, we have been heavily working on new UI overlay and implementing the new feature - ocean regions.Let’s begin with the UI. We have finalized our vision and ideas regarding what kind of information we want to see on main GUI overlay and how it should look like, so I can proudly present it for you in its current state:

The top panel is showing your current resources: gold, water, food and cargo. This panel hasn’t received many changes from the latest version, what I can’t say about old ship wheel panel at the bottom center of the screen. With the new game view the bottom half of the screen becomes very important and we felt that now we needed to clear that space for the map. So we decided to split it into two separate panels and put them in bottom left and bottom right corners respectively. The left panel is about quick access buttons and game time. The right panel is about you ship and you crew, including you hull integrity, speed control and crew size. Last but not least is the quest log, which speaks for itself and the game speed control at the top right corner.

This week we have finally started implementing the new game mechanic: ocean regions! This feature had survived a lot of redesigns as we were trying to figure out how we can make distinct zones on the map in order to represent various threats and sea properties without taking away the freedom of charting and course you want on the map.

Now we will start making cool stuff using this mechanic like pirate infected waters, oceanic currents, patrolled areas and many others. This is a great tool for creating diversity in different parts of the Caribbean sea in order to explain why the actual captains in the 17th century were sailing along specific ‘roads’ in the sea, without taking away the freedom from the player to take risks and ignore these common conventions by sailing wherever he wants.

Next week we will present you the next cool feature, which I am sure many of the RPG fans among you will be thrilled about - captain window! This is effectively your character sheet, telling you the backstory, traits, expertise and reputation with major naval powers in the region: Spain, England, France and Netherlands.

Stay tuned for our updates! We will soon launch our IndieGoGo campaign, including free access mini-demo of what we have achieved so far, so please support us with sharing our news among your friends.

See you next week!

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