Devdiary #3 - Perspective

Hello, everyone! This week has been very design intensive for us as we work on the character for the demo, GUI overlay and rethinking how the navigation should feel. I know we have talked a lot about navigation already, but it’s mainly because the demo which we are preparing would be mostly about making navigation right and enjoyable. This week we made another iteration on its design and decided to provide more freedom and control over the ship in the map view.

This resulted in cutting 3D view from the game at the moment in the scope of the demo (we still have good ideas about it, but will not put it in the game until we finish working on it, which won’t happen soon). Now we can focus much more on the gameplay and world simulation instead of the graphics.

As it usually comes with the design, there is not much of the content you can share because it is either abstract or you want to avoid spoilers, so stay tuned for our next update and the embodiment of some of these concepts!

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