Devdiary #2 - New visuals

Hello, everyone and welcome to another weekly development update! In this feed, I am going to share with you the news regarding our recent activity and what we have done this week. Also, we are going to have conventional development diaries where I am going to talk with you about more abstract things: ideas and directions where are we going and what we intend to achieve.

This week for me was mainly about two things: making the game visuals look nice (especially the water and the ship) and various administrative tasks (building a site, assigning tasks to the artist for the upcoming demo, which you will soon be able to play on our site!).

I believe, that second topic isn’t that interesting for you, so let’s talk about visuals today. As you might remember from the previous “update”, the navigation is one of the key gameplay features we intend to make right. After charting your course in the map view you will be forced to the ‘live’ view, where you will actually start sailing towards your goal.

So last week after finishing working on course charting I found myself hard to make peace with the previous visuals we had, especially due to the fact that we didn’t have a system generating waves, henceforth we couldn’t make ship to actually float on the water.

Now we have a proper Brig ship with amazing water simulations, here are a few examples:

Stay tuned for our updates and don’t forget to like, subscribe and share! See you next week!

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