About inspiration or how to find a new idea.

Hello, everyone! We have received several questions in comments and in personal messages regarding sources of inspiration guiding our work. Today, I would like to address that. For any passionate player, the size and wealth of his game collection is very important. There are always some favorite games. In addition, there are games we like, but with different flaws and imperfections. Lastly comes the games, which were a disappointment, waste of money and time. Usually, the more disappointing games you have, the more notoriously you will inspect the new releases and choose from them what to buy.

And we are no exception. Of course, we love famous games such as WoW, StarCraft and The Elder Scrolls series. However, in order to create something unique, it is necessary to find less famous projects, which provide us with quality gameplay and unique mechanics. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be video games, in our case that was the board game «Merchants & Marauders». It is a competitive adventure game about Captain’s life at sea, with quite good roleplay component. During the game, you feel yourself as a Captain of a ship as you chart the sailing course and explore the sea. However, this game isn’t in the ‘favorite’ group for us, as it has some flaws, mainly related to the balance. From video games, we all can point Don’t Starve out. This is a exciting survival game with queer, but beautiful graphic and many interesting mechanics. This game has inspired us a lot and as a result, in «Maritime Law» the survival gameplay aspect is one of the important parts just like the navigation. These games and many others are our guiding light in game design and inspire us to be and do better.

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