Hello, everyone!

One of the important parts in games is the main (and additional) GUI overlay because you, as a player, interact with them most of the time. It is your main tool. In Maritime Law, it isn’t the exception. These elements must be convenient, intuitively understandable and good looking as you would use them a lot of time.

You can see on the picture below that we did our best to put all this in. Through these panels, you would lead the ship by utilizing our new order system. As a captain, giving order is one of the main ways of interacting with crew and ship, you know, all these shout commands you usually hear in the pirate movies like “Full sail ahead!” or “Gun crews, at the ready!”. Another role of the overlay is to provide you with supplementary information, which you will use in the navigation and decision making like the state of wind, weather, ship condition, crew, date, time of day and the state of supplies. Last but not least, is the bar showing you the notifications regarding important events, threats and state changes happening on your ship like mutinous crew members, declining ship parts or upcoming storm. Notifications would help you stay in control of your ships life as there is always something happening during sailing.

Except for the calm⚓️. However, when people during the calm going mad anything may happen. Like our posts and share feedback with us. Arrgh! See Ya Chum...🖐

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Hi, everyone!

Today we have a brief post about our new team member. His name is Adam Emtyl and he has been working as a lead artist for us for a while.

Adam is a game jams veteran and has a good record in the video games industry. His passion is in creating beautiful and creative games married with complex mechanics. He has worked on many well-received titles such as Breached, Space Scaven, Evil Bank Manager, Zarya-1 and many more. He is leading our art direction primarily focusing on game visual style and GUI.

His work will introduce him better than anything else as we will show off our new artwork soon.

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Hi, everyone.

At this point, we have delved deep into the game design on Maritime Law and soon we will be able to share some of the new exciting concepts that we came up with! Currently, we are focusing on the following major aspects: life on board of the ship, how you can interact with it and developing the visual style for our game. We will be doing another video on that later on.

As a result, we intend to produce a plan for the level of our game which will demonstrate the fundamentals aspects of our game:

- Character design. Design your own captain, pick your background, traits and starting conditions.

- Hire the crew and fill the required roles on your ship

- Get a quest at the local branch of your office, asking you to explore a mysterious island

- Plan your journey to the quest island and set sail into the sea

- Organize your crew by giving them orders and commands

- Respond to various events and situations developing during your trip

- Reach your destination and embark on a quest in a style of classical text quest adventure

Hope you find this interesting, we will be going into more details about it later on. May is going to be an intense and exciting month in the development of Maritime Law. Watch for our updates and enjoy playing games!

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